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Writing this blog has taken a back seat for the past few months whilst I focussed on my day job and my family. Goodness, life has been busy! Finally, things have slowed down, and I have time to concentrate on Strength Behind the Strong and my passion for making sure that people like me are as supported as they can be not just in times of crisis but in their everyday lives too.

There are exciting things to come whilst the focus shifts to SBtS and I can’t wait. I’ve had some fabulous and interesting meetings and conversations this past few weeks all with a goal of growth and moving forward. What has really struck me about these meetings and the people I’ve chatted with, is that there are lots of us, working in slightly different ways, doing slightly different things, but all with one common thread; a drive to support people like us. It’s so lovely to know you’re not alone and it made me realise that change is already happening in the military communities in which we live and it’s the women that are driving it.

There’s huge synergy between these women driving change and the extraordinary women I worked with to create the Military Wives Choirs Foundation. Looking back on what we achieved with the choirs still fills me with huge pride coupled with a sense of amazement at what we created. Who would’ve thought that a group of military wives who didn’t know each other would be responsible for the creation of a welfare and wellbeing support system that is cross-service, cross-rank and has changed lives? What I do know because of this experience is that anything is possible. OK, we had the benefit of a TV programme to raise the choir’s profile, but after those first choirs were created it really was down to military wives in their communities doing it for themselves. They had some support from those who had done it before but by sharing knowledge and skills, without ego and with a common goal, the growth was exponential. All done with zero input from the system which dictates so much of the way we live our lives. It really is true that when you work together you can achieve extraordinary things.

My focus now is to harness this energy and channel it into making something great. To ensure that through @strengthbehindthestrong people like me, living this military life, can own their own life, build resilience, improve mental wellbeing and then when they need it, easily access support.

It’s going to take time and energy but breaking down barriers and standing up for what you believe in, at whatever cost, is what I know best. It’s going to take resilience and strength of character. Goodness don’t I know this but knowing that I’m not in it alone makes those tricky days easier.

Strength Behind the Strong