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Where do I go from here?

So what next? I know that there's a gap. I know that there's a need. But, how do I plug the gap and fill the need. It was all pretty easy and self-perpetuating with a TV show and album recordings but what now when we don't have the luxury of media support?

Well, first off I'm going to be blogging about all things military family life. I'm going to enlist the help of others to give me their thoughts on this and their blog posts too. I'm going to ask those who've needed support but not received it to share their stories with me. I'm going to ask those who have received support but have felt let down to allow me to share their stories too. Don't worry I'll mix it up with some success stories as well because they are out there!

Then, amongst all the blogging and updates on social media channels we're going to create something to sell. It'll be t-shirts and sweatshirts first with a donation from each being given to an organisation already providing support to the military community (so they know their stuff already). This donation will be restricted so that it can be used directly to help support women in the military community and their families.

Stay with me and watch this space, its an exciting time with lots planned and much more to come.....

Strength Behind the Strong